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There are invited speeches regarding 1:1 LEARNING at ICCE2008

To see these brilliant speeches given by Mike Sharples, Miguel Nussbaum, Elliot Soloway & Cathleen Norris, and Russell Beauregard, please click here. ( 2008/11/24 )

ICCE2007 - Keynote "Decentralization, Autonomy, and Participation in Multi-User/Agent Environments"

Professor Julita Vassileva invited speech at ICCE2007 can be accessed through the above link. ( 2008/03/03 )

ICCE 2007 - Keynote "Bridging Research to Practice in Technology-Mediated Learning: Innovations and Challenges in Singapore"

ICCE 2007 keynote speech delivered by Chee-Kit Looi can be accessed through the above link. ( 2007/12/31 )

AIED 2007 - Keynote "The Four Problems of Technology Enhanced Learning"

Tak-Wai Chan's AIED 2007 keynote speech can be accessed through the above link. ( 2007/12/03 )

Kaleidoscope Mobile Learning SIG, Europe

Visit the Kaleidoscope Mobile Learning SIG website's projects page to obtain information about what European mobile and contextual learning research projects are currently active. ( 2007/11/09 )

RCETJ is seeking manuscript submissions

The Kent State University Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology is currently seeking manuscript submissions for the spring 2008 special issue on "Learning While Mobile." The multimedia edition seeks to explore innovative uses of mobile technologies and what it means to learn while mobile. Abstracts must be received by December 7, 2007. Please visit the RCETJ website for more information regarding the journal and submission guidelines. ( 2007/11/09 )

CSCL 2007 - Keynote "Can CSCL Make a Global Contribution?"

A selection from Jeremy Roschelle's keynote speech at CSCL 2007 can be accessed through the above link. ( 2007/10/04 )

Mobile ESL-Basic Grammar, Canada

Athabasca University, Canada's Open University recently released a low and high end compatible mobile device basic English grammar interactive website. The material is open access and available to all users for copying or installing on their site or for adaptation. ( 2007/09/20 )

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